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Savings for fans,

much needed revenues for sports clubs

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Together we're Sorted

Savings for you and revenues for your club 

Sorted for Sport has been created to support sports clubs across the whole of the UK. Whether you are grass roots or professional, Sorted has been realised to help supporters save while benefiting the club they support.

The service also aims to facilitate savings and benefits for a Club’s Corporate Sponsors too.

All in all, it’s a win-win and a welcome boost as we adapt to the ‘new normal’ after the suffering endured in all sports due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Our aim is to help raise funds for as many men's, women's and especially junior teams as possible and across the widest spectrum of sports in the UK.

About Sorted

A bit about us

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The management team at Sorted for Sport have been engrained in the sports industry for many years setting up partnership and commercial agreements as well as providing sporting apparel to a wide range of clubs.


The team also have expertise in the Business and Residential Insurance and Energy markets and are therefore fully conversant with the finances associated with each of these products.


With our knowledge and expertise we have put together what we believe to be an exciting opportunity for clubs to raise money.


Our intention is that Clubs can benefit from other everyday services too as our partner program develops.

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A winning team

As a team ourselves, we have all had a lifetime of enjoyment from various sports at various levels. However we know all too well that very few sports clubs, especially at grass roots level, operate on a sound, secure financial foothold and rely on their supporter and sponsor base to survive. 

By combining our industry knowledge and love of sport we developed a model to share everyday sales and broker commissions with sports clubs and develop other additional benefits. We think that by creating Sorted for Sport we can supplement these much needed funds for the benefit of everyone associated with a club.

In essence Sorted will save supporters and sponsors time and money and help their club financially. 

Our aim is to simply make a positive difference to sports clubs across the UK and build ‘Sorted’ to become well respected, trusted and beneficial brand.

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How it Works
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How it works

Over the next 6 months Sorted will be rolling out a range of products that supporters and sponsors buy on an ongoing basis. Whether that be commercial or residential Insurance, energy or other household products, Sorted aim to give the clubs supporters, members the opportunity to buy these products from reputable local and national providers. 


Whether you purchase any one of these products directly or through a broker a sales commission is included in the price. What Sorted will do is pass on a percentage of this commission to the club you support or represent, its as simple as that. We will negotiate terms with the providers and you will then have the choice of whether to buy any one of these services and at the same time save money and help your club.

Everyone benefits - Sorted for Sport - For All

Clubs that join our FREE scheme have the opportunity of either taking these commissions in money or alternatively products associated with that club. For Football and Rugby clubs we offer branded shirts or training equipment. It’s your choice.


We will supply welcome packs for new member clubs, confirming processes and what we do for you.


We can also help you with awareness of the Sorted initiative through your website, emails, social media profiles, intro / promo packs, programme ads, as well as posters and flyers with qr codes etc.


Below is a typical example of the level of revenues a club could generate through Sorted

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How it could work for your club

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We're with you all the way

From the initial registration of your club we will guide and support you through the simple steps so that you can maximise the opportunities within your own club environment.


To register your club please complete the form below, a member of the Sorted team will then be in touch with you to get you up and running asap.

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Register Here To Find Out More

Please tell us whether you are a Club Official, Sponsor or Pre-Register as a Fan of a Club.

Thanks for getting in touch, we will be back to you as soon as we can.

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